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FirstCare® USA

FirstCare® GAS RELIEF Soft Chewables - Simethicone 250 mg, Anti-gas (20 count)

FirstCare® GAS RELIEF Soft Chewables - Simethicone 250 mg, Anti-gas (20 count)

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Brand FirstCare

 Active Ingredients (in each chewable)

 Simethicone, 250 mg (anti-gas)

Inactive Ingredients


carnauba wax, citric acid, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, FD&C red #40, flavors, glucose syrup, glycerin, gum arabic, maltitol solution, mannitol, powdered milk, propylene glycol, sorbitol, starch, sucralose, sucrose.

Item Form


Soft Chewable



Mixed Berry



20 count per bottle


Disclaimer This is the maximum strength per unit available in softchew of FirstCare.  There is no 500 mg strength per unit  available in soft chew of Firstcare.


Take the Bloat Away, And Ease Gas Pain – Fast! These soft chewable provide an easy and tasty way to get the relief you need from bloating, pressure, and stomach discomfort. With a delightful mixed berry flavor and soft texture, you can take this remedy anywhere, anytime!

✔️【Get Fast-Acting Gas Relief All Day Long】-  No more waiting for the discomfort to pass. Take just one at the first sign of gas discomfort or bloating, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll be able to relax and enjoy the day, free from digestive worries.

✔️【Enjoy Your Meals and Diet Without Concern】 Ideal for those who frequently have bloating, gas, and stomach issues. This can help ease occasional gas, as well as gas buildup, a sense of fullness after eating, and any discomfort in the stomach caused by excess gas.

✔️【Always Have Them On-Hand For When You Need It】-  Conveniently keep them with you at all times to avoid unexpected moments of embarrassing noise and odor. It fits nicely on the go in a purse, gym bag, or pocket. You'll be prepared to handle gas problems wherever you go--vacation, work, appointments, or just out and about.

✔️【Get a Convenient and Pleasant-Tasting Solution】 These easy-to-take soft chewables that don't feel like medicine but work just as well, are the perfect way to get 250 mg of Simethicone. This active ingredient works to break up gas bubbles and reduce the pressure and pain of stomach gasses.

✔️【You Just Need One To Make A Difference】 One or two chewables are all you need to experience maximum strength gas relief. This solution is made in the USA, produced without animal by-products or preservatives, and is non-GMO certified. Suitable for adults and children 12 years of age or older.

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