FirstCare Childrens Pain and Fever Acetaminophen Gummies



Introducing FirstCare Gummies, an innovative and revolutionary medicated gummy dosage format for Acetaminophen.


Are you tired of your children refusing to take their medication when they either get a fever or allergy? Avoid liquid dosage errors in children, and spitting out of medicine with FirstCare Gummies. Say goodbye to the sticky mess of liquid children’s medication. With gummies, there is no fuss, no mess! The gummy is a unit dose that does not require a dosage cup for administration, and it tastes good! Additionally, with gummies bacteria contamination is avoided from multi-liquids.


Available in 16 count Acetaminophen 160 mg (Children’s Pain/Fever).

The oral gummy dosage format is composed of organoleptic properties that makes the medication soft, chewy, gummy, and tasty. The product has proprietary formulation and pharmaceutical processing. Chewable dosage forms are often used to improve drug administration with patients that have difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) as well as pediatric and geriatric patients.


  • 16 count Acetaminophen 160 mg (Children’s Pain/Fever)
  • Patent pending - proprietary pharmaceutical process & formula
  • Gummy oral dosage form with improved organoleptic properties
    • Taste, Softness, Chewiness, Hardness and Translucency
  • Greater user tolerability and acceptance
  • Improved drug administration for pediatric and geriatric individuals